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We’re a registered ASIC agent, which means we can provide a comprehensive range of tax compliance and business accounting services designed to make sure your business remains compliant with all relevant ASIC regulations, without the burden of managing this time consuming process yourself.

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company compliance

Are you compliant?

If you operate your business using a company structure, or you have a corporate trustee, you are required by law to report to ASIC. Our business advisers can act on your behalf to make sure that your business is, and remains, compliant at all times.

  • ASIC registered agent
  • ASIC annual company review
  • Documentation preparation
  • Update changes with ASIC
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100% confidence that our best interests are being looked after.

After recently changing to Project Alfred, we are beyond relieved and feel so much lighter that we are now getting the right advice. We trust them 100% and have confidence that our best interests are now being looked after.

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Can you act as our registered office?

If you appoint Project Alfred as your ASIC Agent, we can then also act as the registered office of your company.

Why does ASIC compliance matter?

The Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) is the governing body for all companies in Australia. ASIC Company Compliance requires that all of the activities undertaken by your company must comply with the Corporations Act.

How do you help us to be ASIC compliant?

We can perform a range of services that make sure your business is ASIC compliant, including identifying your legal obligations under the Corporations Act and putting appropriate structures in place to meet these obligations.

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