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Running a business is extremely rewarding, but it can also be challenging and time consuming. We provide a range of business advisory services designed to help you set goals and support you on every aspect of your business journey.

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business advisory

Aligning goals

Clearly defining your goals – both personal and business – allows you to create a realistic plan to achieve them. We’ll work together to not only set goals but also step out a clear plan to make those goals and dreams a reality.

  • Strategic business advice
  • Small business advice
  • Advice for starting your own business
  • Systems review
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customer story

100% confidence that our best interests are being looked after.

After recently changing to Project Alfred, we are beyond relieved and feel so much lighter that we are now getting the right advice. We trust them 100% and have confidence that our best interests are now being looked after.

Andy & Renae
Small Business Owners
Frequently asked questions

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What are your business advisory team’s areas of expertise?

We pride ourselves on having wide-ranging experience and expertise in a variety of business advisory services – there’s not much we won’t be able to help you with. But if you need specialised information in an area that we’re not experts in, we’ll connect you with another professional in our network who’s qualified to give you the best possible advice.

Do I need to meet with you in person?

In an ideal world, we’d meet with all our clients in person, but sometimes distance or time means this can’t happen. We’re able to work with you in any way you prefer, including by email, phone calls, or video meetings.

What areas does your business advisory service cover?

Business advisory is a broad term that covers a range of areas relating to business accounting and finance, including taxation advice, business structure advice, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, financial modelling and succession planning.

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